Supporting Safe and Responsible Use in School: Learning Technologies Statement

It has always been a key element of our learning technologies program to work to develop safe and responsible users of technology. We have used our mission statement and aide memoire as a means to communicate and understand what appropriate use of technology is within our context, in an age appropriate way. This year we have strengthened this with the introduction of our learning technologies statement.

The statement outlines an overview of our philosophy, the school’s commitments, student guidelines, principal agreements and points of note. It is designed to clarify what our aide memoire and mission statement mean in the context of learning technologies and draws upon the experiences of a number of other schools as well as academic research.

We will be working with our students across the school through the course of the year to ensure they understand the implications of the contents of this agreement. I would very much encourage you to read this document. As a parent you may find some off the features useful in prompting any discussions you have with your children regarding their technology use.

Sep 4, 2013, 8:42 PM